Repair Wrinkles - Darkness - Firmness


The eyes zone is the most attention-winning of the face for age perception.


This is why your eyes require specific anti-aging skincare.


For the first time, Biotherm extends the very definition of the eye zone to target wrinkles, darkness and lack of firmness and goes beyond the classic crows’ feet wrinkles and under-eye bags.


Act on visible accumulated damage to reveal the appearance of a younger, luminous look.

Extracts of Pure Thermal Plankton, Macro-Algae L.Ochroleuca and Micro-Algae A.Flos-aquae.

Also contains Flavonoid, Amino acid and Peptides.

3-step application ritual :

1. WRINKLE ACTION: "waves movement" - palpate-roll on wrinkles to smooth.


2. DARK SPOT ACTION: "bubble movement" - pinch dark spot to reboost micro-circulation.


3. FIRMING ACTION: "crab movement" - circular movement to replump the skin.